Reimagining Filmmaking

Virtual Production Set

Virtual Production Set at Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City presents virtual production with cutting edge technology in a dedicated studio floor in collaboration with technology partner MergeXR, a UK based Film Studio and Services Company, to facilitate seamless virtual production.

Be it sci-fi, action thrillers or period dramas, now at Ramoji Film City you can visualise and shoot complex imaginative scenes with ease and without the need of any physical set. Our experienced virtual technical crew can set up the stage and merge the practical filming with real actors with the CG-created locations and sets in real time.

controlled shooting floors

Controlled Shoots: Save Time and Money

The MSF 4 (shooting floor) is equipped with Blue and Green screen options. As ‘Unreal Engine’ is set up in the production pipeline, it creates the real time keying and combines live-action footage with CG. It would facilitate the Directors and Directors of Photography (DOPs) in terms of monitoring the composited frames with BGs and blending them with actor’s performances to create a compelling narrative.

The VIRTUAL SETS significantly reduce the production time. It offers endless options for locations with the flexibility to change them instantly and also averts the need for location shift.

One can create magic in any scene with perfect lighting from any angle and any time of day. The state-of-the-art installed lighting systems would create special lighting effects and help in terms of creating different moods for your scene.

Hybrid Shooting Facility

We also offer a cost-effective method of doing hybrid LED shoot which is a mixture of Blue screen and effects of LED screen. And as it blends with the in-camera production, it offers amazing results.

hybrid shooting facility
Actors convenient shoot floors

Convenient For Actors

The actors too have an advantage of being immersed in the CG-created locations and sets, allowing them to interact with the environment more organically, resulting in realistic scenes and qualitative performances. The controlled studio environment also averts the hassles of crowds and bad weather.

Motion Capture

We also have a special Motion Capture Facility in ‘S’ Floor (studio floor) with state-of-the-art 16 OptiTrack PrimeX model cameras to capture dynamic movements and actions of actors. It would create a production of retargeted characters which will be helpful for any kind of animated movies; especially with different characters, live action Human-Animal combination or Alien-based characters.

Motion Capture Sets
More control over final creation

Previz: Giving More Control Over Final Creation

MoCap facility will also enhance the process of filmmaking by facilitating Pre-visualisation (Previz) especially for the complex scenes where the camera angles and actions of the characters are locked in before one actually goes for production.
The job starts from the imaginative script and proceeds step by step enabling faster and efficient workflows. We ensure that a professional procedure is kept in place and a clear communication is maintained with our clients for a creative understanding of the production pipeline and the optimum use of the virtual production.

Current services offered :

  • Virtual Production
  • Asset Creations
  • Storyboarding Animatics
  • Previz
  • VFX
  • Motion Capture